Faithful to our philosophy to work with the best produce, respect for tradition and making the most of our artisan methods,  our desserts are all home made in our restaurant. Without doubt a good meal deserves a good dessert!


Our cooking is traditional, Valencian and thrives on the produce of Meliana’s vegetable fields. Our rice dishes vary according to the season and the produce we are offered but we prepare a large quantity of   the majority of them  on our menu although we recommend you pre-order with sufficient notice. Some have to be ordered the day before. If you have any questions please call us and we can resolve any doubts.

Meat and fish

All our meat comes from producers who guarantee their quality. Meats with distinct origin and maturity and our fish are always from the Spanish coasts although we prefer the Mediterranean.

Artisan desserts

Faithful to our philosophy of working with the best raw materials, respecting the traditionalism and promoting the artisan elaboration, our desserts are totally homemade, elaborated in our restaurant. Undoubtedly, a good meal deserves a good dessert.