El Racó de Meliana

Restaurant El Racó is located in Meliana, a town in the  “Horta Nord “ of Valencia with more than 11,000 inhabitants where agriculture accounts for 80% of the town´s boundaries. Here, in the market gardens, they cultivate the vegetables, fruits and cereals that are mostly our favourite products. Quality local produce with a proximity that marks our gastronomic offer which  varies throughout the year depending on the seasons.

Restaurante de Arroces en Meliana

Our rice dishes

Our cuisine has a Valencian identity and of course a long culinary tradition. We use local products from the Mediterranean and our fields as well as high quality meats. We are passionate about our rice dishes, having fifteen on our menu including rice with broth, creamy and dry rices: Valencian Paella, Paella with tender Iberian pork, Paella with baby squid and green garlic, Seafood Paella, Black rice, “A banda Rice” with cuttlefish and peeled prawns, Lobster Paella, “Gentlemans rice” also called Paella del Senyoret, Vegetable paella, creamy  duck  rice,  “Allipebre” rice, creamy lobster rice, or Winter rice. Amongst the brothy dishes served with more stock we have (every day) “Fesols i naps “rice stew with vegetables and pork, and our own ‘Racó’ rice and a selection of noodle ‘Fideuá’ dishes including the famous one  from Gandia, our own ‘house’ version, a fine fideuá one with foie and another with squid ink.

With sufficient notice we can also prepare the famous Paella from Cullera (we are currently Valencian Community champions in the competition for this dish) , Castellon rice, or Torrente’s ‘Rossejat’ and the famous local rice dish  called “Fetge de Bou” with beef offal.

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Latest prizes

El Racó in its concern to continue growing also bets on the participation of contests and gastronomic events that are held throughout our Valencian Community. These are the last prizes obtained, which we dedicate to all our customers.

3ª Mejor paella de España

3rd Best Paella in the World

3ª Premio de postres de calabaza

3rd best dessert in the Lliria Competiton

1ª Best Paella in Cullera

Bodega del Raco de Meliana

Our Wine list

An extensive wine list is essential in any restaurant. Each of the dishes on our menu can be improved by matching it with the right wine. We understand this very well in Racó and have more than 60 wines from all over Spain, Rioja, Valencia, Catalan, Priorat, Castellon and Valladolid amongst others that will your experience a special occasion.